Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What To Do With My Arm In A Sling??

So I have my left arm in a sling from the accident a week ago and I am starting to get bored. So I figured go through some old files and play with Photoshop. The one below I shot several years ago in Pagudpud on the cost of Luzon. I decided to bump up the saturation...a lot, and give it some grain i.e. noise, crop it and voila.

This one I did close to the opposite. I desaturated it and then added the noise.

Then I decided to go out n the deck and shoot some of the orchids my wife had just put out and convert them to B/W. Again I added some "grain".

Not sure the doc would approve quite yet but it was kind of fun just playing around.


  1. I loved the pic of the boat Skip! It's so vibrant and colorful. Where did you take that? Your pictures are like magic. Keep up the great work and take care bud! Best wishes to a speedy recovery!

  2. It was taken in the Philippines.