Saturday, October 3, 2009


Had an accident on my motorcycle last Sunday. Dog ran out in front of me and then did a u-turn about 3 feet from me.

Here is the scoop...

My clavicle bone separated from the scapula completely. Clavicle was sticking straight up. 3 cracked ribs. Fortunately I had a full face Helmut on. I have two pins in the bones. One will be removed in two months. The other stays in for two years at which time it can be removed if I want but no real need to. Have to find out more about that. Minimum 6 months recovery before I can go back to the gym. It sucks! Can't even lift a camera for at least 2 months and maybe more. Hell I can't even put in my contact lenses because I can't lift my left arm to my face.

Thankfully I had a full-face helmet on. It is trash now. Weird no cuts and only one minor bruise on the inside of my knee. All in all I would say I was lucky!

Surgery went well and I think I had a great orthopedic surgeon. He and his brothers all studied at St. Lukes here in the med school here and rated very highly worldwide. But man am I soar.

Jade and Mia stayed at the hospital with me. Of course Jade loved that. She thinks it's a vacation but she was glad to come home last night. Going to be tough on her since daddy was always the play guy and now I can't even pick her up but she seems to understand, saying "dad you sick? Your shoulder is broken? This one?" And points to hers.

The brother of my surgeon is a cardiologist and he went over me to clear me for surgery. Blood tests for everything. Cardiogram was good as was everything else. BP was 120/80 the entire time there except immediately on checking when it was 130/90.

The most painful thing was tests for allergies to any and all meds before they gave them. Those hurt!

He has me on antibiotics, pain meds (which I really need) and vitamins to help the bones heal for three months.

Docs told me 80% of their trauma cases are motorcycle accidents and most of those caused by dogs running out into the street.

I took the sling off yesterday to bath and already my arm has stiffened to where it is hard, close to impossible, to straighten at the I am slowing stretching it twice a day. The rehab is going to be slow I think especially in the beginning which is probably 2 months away...

Trying to do some PS work today and finding it to be a pain in the ass with one hand.

This is the last shot I did the day before the accident playing with a couple of lights on yet another rainy day here in the Philippines.

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